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Celestial Books and Gifts | About Us

Celestial Books and Gifts was inspired by a desire to source wholesome and creative gifts for my own and other people's children. I love to give gifts which support the Steiner education that my children and many of their friends are receiving. Then there are moments when we would just love to offer a young friend or family member a beautiful handmade gift or nourishing story that they may otherwise not have access to. We wanted to share the joy of the sweet smell of beeswax candles or a nourishment of the senses that a gift made from pure fleece can offer . . .

. . . And so Celestial Books and Gifts was born!

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Our business ethos is to:



    We believe in leaving children free of the burdens of modern and adult life; as such, we stock thoughtfully considered literature, gifts and toys which encourage children to wonder, explore, create and learn in an organic and developmentally appropriate way.



      Toys made from natural materials such as wood, fleece or beeswax connect children with nature and offer a sensory experience that warms and nourishes. Activities that connect children with their natural surroundings also allow them to be inspired by nature, and encourages outdoor play and exploration.



        We are a local business supporting other local and ethical businesses. We love to stay in contact with and support our wonderful customers, which also creates a sense of community around our love of books and creative gifts for children.  



          We use as much recycled or recyclable packaging as possible to support environmental sustainability.  

          Celestial Books and Gifts strives to offer ethical gifts that leave a minimal footprint on the earth, connect children with the world around them and which invite us all to think about where our purchases come from.  Let's join together to look after this glorious world we live in, evoke in our children a love for their natural surroundings and give them a beautiful future to look forward to.